Our Story

Home is more than a house. It is where we begin and end our days in comfort. Where we gather with family and friends and share experiences, good conversation, and make lasting memories. It's the kitchen where the first cup of coffee is brewed in the morning, the table where a delicious meal is eaten, the porch where you watch the sunset, and the bed you relax into at night. At Linger Hospitality, we want you to feel like our houses, our rentals, are a home for you. Funny enough, home is where our story begins as well!

Home is Where the Heart Is
We both, Myron and Joleen, grew up in large families where hospitality was a way of life. It was not unusual for either of our parents to have guests in our homes for an overnight visit, or at our tables for a meal or dessert. We were both raised in the rich tradition of the Mennonite culture where home, family, and guests are deeply cherished and celebrated.

Continuing this tradition, we have had many many friends, family, acquaintances, and even strangers in our home over the years. We love being able to extend hospitality to others, whether it is through a meal with our family or a comfortable bed to sleep on. This love for people and sharing our home with them is what birthed the vision for our vacation rental management company. 

While we can't have each of you in our own home, we want you to feel comfortable enough in our rentals that it feels like home to you...and that you feel like you want to linger! We love having guests that feel so at home, they don't ever want to leave. (But of course, you must, so we can share with our next guests!) 

We have decided that the best description/definition for Linger is:
  • Noun: a vacation rental company that you will make you feel right at home during your stay in the Finger Lakes
  • Verb: to pass time in a leisurely manner, or to desire to stay in a place longer than necessary, because of a reluctance to leave