About Seneca Lake in Central NY

Seneca Lake PierVisit Seneca Lake on your next trip to the Finger Lakes. Whether you are staying in Geneva or Watkins Glen at either end of this lake you are sure to have a great time. With endless outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and fishing as well as Nascar races, time spent floating on the lake and sampling wine from around the region Seneca Lake is a vacation haven! Use the resources below to start planning your trip to New York's wine country.

Planning Made Easy

Below we have all you need in one place to start planning the ultimate vacation. Browse our resources and interactive map to get started! If you need additional assistance please contact Linger Hospitality, we are happy to assist you.

Geneva & Watkins Glen Weather

Seneca Lake is bookended by Geneva to the North and Watkins Glen to the South with approximately 40 miles between them. So close yet so far, these towns can have different and varying weather all year round. However, summers are generally moderate and winters can be tough with lake effect weather conditions occurring.


When Visit to Seneca Lake

Every time of year is a great time to visit Seneca Lake! When the vineyards are popping to life in the spring you can't help but soak in the rebirth of nature. As summer rolls around the lake offer a sweet and cooling retreat from the sunshine. When fall starts it harvest time for the wineries and let's face it, East Coast foliage can't be beaten, oranges, reds, yellows all start to show their face as winter knocks. Once here winter can be fickle, sometimes harsh from the Great Lakes but other times mild, ice fishing is a favorite sport in this region.

Traveling to Seneca Lake

Driving is usually the preferred method of transportation to the Finger Lakes Region however regional airports in nearby Syracuse and Rochester may be the path you need to take. If you need assistance arranging transportation be sure to contact our office for guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find our most frequently asked questions about the Finger Lakes and surrounding areas as well as our vacation rentals here.

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